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Question:  I don’t really know how the start as I haven’t really got that much experience with RSI. I went to see my GP a few month ago about some burring pain and tingling in my right arm (mouse arm) and particularly the right shoulder/shoulder blade. He told me that I had tendinitis and gave me a splint to wear (which helps but I can’t do this for the rest of my life, it’s not really a solution) and some cream to rub in. I asked him if it’s possible to have pain in my shoulder/shoulder blade and he thought it was possible. Apart from that he wasn’t much help. Now a few months later, I still have the pain and I wonder what to do next, another doctor?! I actually made an appointment for acupuncture and see how that’s going. I mainly have the pain when working (graphic/web designer), surprise, surprise. I also wonder whether my regular headaches (mostly starting round the neck area) come from the tension in my arm and shoulder/shoulder blade. I actually helps when the shoulder/shoulder blade gets massaged. It sort of painful but at the same time relieving.

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