Newbie: Physio Recommendations in Newbury/Reading area please

Question: Can anyone on the list recommend a Physio in Reading/Newbury Berkshire area who specialises in RSI or has helped anyone with RSI? I’m a computer programmer and have developed RSI in my hands and wrists over the last couple of months. I’ve got a copy of RSI – A Computer Users guide by Pascarelli and Quilter and started reading it and following their advice. I’ve also changed my workstation setup but think I need some more advice on exercises, stretching etc from an expert.

Answer:  I’ve had RSI for 2 yrs (neck, wrist, arm etc) and have seen a Physio in Wantage, Oxfordshire who has been extremely good. She’s also very caring & understanding – & that’s important when this condition is getting you down. Name : Femke Maselkowski; Tel : 01235 764618. I know wantage is a bit of a drive from Newbury but if you don’t have any luck there you can give her a try.


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