Newbie: Physio Recommendations in Newbury/Reading area

Question:  Many thanks for your recommendation – I’ll keep Audrey in mind. I live in  Newbury but work in Reading and so could travel to Woodley. I’ve just had a quick look at the Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition system website and got initially bewildered by the wide range of product variants (Essentials, Preferred, etc). I need to browse their website and the rsi-mail list archives some more to get a proper handle on it – from whether it will run on my Dell Windows NT system at home (I work in an open plan office and so a voice recognition system may only be suitable for working at home) to whether it can drive the s/w development tools (like Microsoft Visual C++) that I need as a programmer.
Do you mind telling me which NaturallySpeaking product variant you use? It sounds like you can drive the s/w development tools you need. …feel free to contact me direct with this if you’d prefer.Thanks again for your reply. I know it isn’t easy for people with RSI to communicate using this medium.

Answer: I don’t know a physio, but I can recommend Audrey Choules at Woodley Healing Centre. She does remedial massage and has been of great help to me  in keeping my condition under control. She is highly qualified in this treatment and used to teach at the London School of Massage.
PS: I’m also a programmer and would highly recommend a voice recognition  system such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking – I could not have continued in my  career without this and its predecessor DragonDictate.

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