Nintendo Thumb

There was also a very short item in the Guardian. My impression was that this publicity was provoked by the Body Action charity, run by Bunny Martin, who put out a press release and got quite a lot of response in a news-empty, Christmas-present focused time. Good for Bunny! Anyone who want information on the implications of computer games for kids and all that should contact her at the Body Action organisation in London, don’t have the address to hand but must be easily available.
There was an article in The Sunday Times on 27 Dec concerning ‘children who are addicted to computer games’ developing a ‘painful condition becoming known as Nintendo Thumb’ I thought there must have been something in the papers about this because I was listening to Talk Radio a couple of nights ago and this was a phone-in topic. Some people are really addicted to these things; I mean like play them for 10 hours non-stop. One lad was thirteen and sounded like he had real problems with his thumb. I was tempted to ring in but it was about 3.00am and I was a bit drowsy.

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