Nixdorf Keyboard PBPC E

Question: Thanks to Ann for the London based company selling the above. They quoted me some 75Pounds + VAT + 15Pounds for P&P. I’ll do a bit more of investigation and then report to the mailing list if I find them cheaper (anyone with good hints, please come forward!). 🙂 Someone was asking for pics of the keyboard.

Answer:  The problem that I would have with this keyboard is that the keys are offset from each other like a normal qwerty keyboard. My husband bought me a Microsoft Natural Keyboard for home use which is great in that it separates the hands to a more bearable angle but the keys are again like a ‘normal’ keyboard and I can only tap at this for about 5 to 10 minutes before my fingers start hurting me. It seems the only keyboards I am able to use are those similar to the Maltron Keyboard where the keys are set out in straight lines. I can type quite happily (on a good day when I haven’t been doing the gardening at the weekend !-) ) for ages without any aggro from the limbs.

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