Nixdorf Siemens Keyboards in the UK

Question: After reporting some mild pain in my left hand and arm I’ve been advised to  buy a proper keyboard. Some suggested the Nixdorf Siemens KBPC E, which looks a good compromise between some very expensive devices I’ve seen and the basic keyboard most of the people use. Does anyone know where to buy this keyboard? I’ve tried some big and some  retailers without much luck. I also tried some online stores…

Answer 1:  I got mine from Tracline (UK) Ltd of Edgware – 0181 952 7770.  It’s very good – as you say, a compromise between an ordinary keyboard and the really way-out ones like Maltron

Answer 2:  I love my Siemens keyboard! It cost approx =A360 from a company called Banner (UK based) I shall try and dig out their contact details!

Answer 3:  I am quite happy with my Microsoft Natural k/b but have an open mind about even better alternatives. What is special about the  Siemens keyboard? I need a nonstandard for home.

Answer 4:  The Nixdorf one has no numeric pad on the side (it is incorporated within the letters on the keyboard) – not much use if you use the numeric pad intensively. It does mean the mouse is brought nearer to the keyboard and thus the arm isn’t stretched out to the side. It splits to varying degrees and you can also adjust the slope downwards on each side of the keyboard split. Rather bizarre but fully customisable (not sure if this is a word!)

Answer 5:  Is there a photo of one anywhere on the web? re: ms nat kb = the cursor keys are too small and close together on mine- I think the newer versions have rectified this – otherwise I like

Answer 6:  I agree – the Siemens keyboard has good features, and is well worth trying.

Answer 7:  Nixdorf Siemens keyboard – I bought one recently (or rather my employers did…) from NE Computing (Chesham, Bucks). Their details and those of other suppliers are listed on the AbilityNet site too. You can also try them out at AbilityNet centres. So far I have found the keyboard very comfortable – although I’ve found the skewed number pad a bit confusing. But then I only use it once a week!


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