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Question: Basically I read a simplified down to Earth introduction about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to work on the stress reduction. It gave me insight and let me analyze myself and my behavior (pro’s and con’s) like an information system (a person receives millions of inputs and the output is his/her mood and behavior). Ironically In fact it’s the same what I have been doing for a living/hobby for the past 15 years. Only the subjects were computer information systems instead of human version.
One of the key insight is asking yourself the question: Is this behavior functional? (And do not confuse that with good or wrong). I am quit a perfectionist (both in work and in life) and I could (and in some cases still can) get “angry” if other persons or things are far from being perfect, are not aware of this or even do not care at all about quality, fairness or perfection. This behavior is most of the time not functional in my case: I generates lots of stress which is reflected in muscle tension and does no good to my arm. After the first steps of insight and analyzing/asking yourself the next step is doing something about it. That takes effort but it pays off! Recently I asked Bouke to translate this simple but powerful book of insights. As soon as he does I will let you know.

Answer:  have this book from the publisher Thorsons (also have about another dozen more books on NLP): this is the beginning of the bit of copied from Thorsons
Principles of NLP by Joseph O’Connor
ISBN: 0-7225-3195-8
Format: Paperback – 130×197
Publication Date: 05/02/96
Price: £5.99
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the psychology of excellence. It is based on the practical skills that are used by all good communicators to obtain excellent results. These skills are invaluable for personal and professional development. This introductory guide explains: What NLP is. How to use it in your life personally, spiritually and professionally. How to understand body language. How to achieve excellence in everything you do. this at the end of the pit copied from Thorsons website I have flicked through this in the past but of not yet come to an understanding of how relevant in might be. Your comments below, about Functional Behaviour, seem to have made something click. I will go back to it now. I would also recommend to anyone else who is trying to understand a bit more about their own mind/body. It is another perspective, possibly a bit more scientific and less empirical than say, Alexander technique, but with more or less the same goals in terms of one’s own bodily behaviour. But there is a wider perspective which you might find useful in all sorts of areas!

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