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Question: Several of you have acquired about an alternative mouse device. I am very happy using the “NoHands Mouse” by Hunter Digital. This is a foot-operated mouse. One pedal is for clicking the right or left mouse button. The other pedal is for moving the mouse cursor. No hands are involved at all! It is important to sit properly to avoid lower back strain/problems. But once I got used to the correct posture, it was very easy to quickly and efficiently move the mouse using my 2 feet.

Answer 1: Sorry to ask a follow-on question after so long – I’m having to print out e-mails and read them off line and it’s amazing how many RSI-UK postings there have been since January. Regarding the no hands mouse, can you tell me.

  • How it compares with a conventional mouse for fine cursor control, e.g. for drawing.
  • Any problems with RSI of the legs/ankle?
  • Where you purchased it?

Answer 2: I’ve purchased the no Hands mouse in the States almost a year ago. After some ordinary muscle pain after using it for some days I did not experience any abnormal strain or pains in the ankle etc. Do not forget the ankle is a very strong join. Through the No Hands interface you can fine tune the cursor speed and sensitivity. Of course, sensitivity settings for drawing cannot be sensitive enough. I guess drawing is possible after you’ll get the hang of it. There is even a double-click option when you move the “click paddle” backwards.


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  1. I notice you had the No Hands Mouse. I have repetitive stress injury and am trying to locate a manual for No Hands Mouse that was given to me. I read somewhere that taking your feet off will reset if the cursor isn’t working properly. This helps some but sometimes the cursor just won’t move properly.I am also using Dragon naturally speaking and I’m wondering if that voice recognition software is causing complications.if you have any tips you can email me. Please put No hands Mouse in the subject line so I don’t think it’s spam.

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