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Question: Yeah, that’s what I said to my husband, but she says she can’t refer us to a specialist until she feels that its “chronic”. She says they have procedures to follow and if she referred us earlier the specialist would just recommend a week off which is what she did! It’s quite frustrating- after all its the NHS and we are made to feel that they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart=2E Its easier to be ruthless if we could afford private care but as a pre-existing condition we are talking hundreds Any strategies (from anyone) for getting the best from a hard up fund holding practice, most welcomed!

Answer 1: From my own experience I would say: DON’T wait for the effect of a week of “normal” work if you know by common sense that it is going to be bad! Why would you do that? To please the GP? She’s not going to give you a medal for the week (probably longer) of suffering!

Answer 2: That sounds like the dental practice under the NHS – you get no treatment unless you’re already suffering. If nothing is going to be done until its chronic, it’s a bit late to say the least. All that does is create distance between the career and the one who needs the help. I think it’s time we realize the NHS for what it is (and isn’t) in reality, and look beyond what the government offers. From what I observe, and understand, there is no preventative action available under NHS. Spiritual healing is a possibility – but then you’ll need to look beyond the practice you’re looking at. There are other complimentary therapies available if healing does not appeal (and many other resources as revealed by recent postings on this list). Members of our local RSI Support Group tried a variety of such therapies, with varying degrees of success because, apart from anything else, everyone is different.

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