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Question:  Does anyone have, or know of UK suppliers of, a new type of mouse – I believe from Norway – of which I saw a photograph somewhere? It has a normal-looking base but a central stalk, about 6 inches high,which has buttons on either side and is gripped with the hand clenched, it would seem. I presume the whole thing is carefully balanced to keep it upright. Having had terrible trouble with conventional mice, and not finding trackpads to my liking, the Norwegian mouse looks like my kind of mouse; a few experiments show that it *would* be comfortable.

Answer 1:  I have used it for over six months. I believe it is sold by Esselte. I found it very useful, but it takes a while to get used to it, because you have to re-learn how to use a mouse. You don’t work it with your fingers, as you do with a normal mouse, but with your wrist, and it is important that your entire forearm rests on a surface from the elbow and on. It is also an advantage to position the resting surface of you forearm a bit higher than the desk. I have screwed a 2″ by 6″ plank onto the desk at 90 degrees and that is ending about half a meter from the desk. It works fine. It is also important that you get the movements and acceleration right, otherwise the mouse becomes a “pain”.

Answer 2:  Another experiment I have done is to raise my arm to shoulder level with the help of a three legged ‘stool’. It puts the hand and wrist in a more neutral position. It relieves the problems and works OK, except that I get a lot of comment as “Milking cows again are we?”

Answer 3:  Sounds like the Anir mouse from Esselte. There’s one sitting on my desk right now, about which I’m writing a review. I think it’ll take at least a week before I know if I can live with it or not. If anybody is interested I’ll post my conclusions sometime next week.

Answer 4:  Just to let you know folks that I have had the Anir Mouse from Esselte for approximately 6-8 weeks now. I have found it very helpful, in actual fact, I tried using an ergonomic mouse again last week and it was very difficult. I have decided to continue using the Anir mouse permanently. It is shaped like a joystick and more comfortable. You also rest all of your forearm which is more comfortable and less painful.

Answer 5:  I’d be interested in your review of the Anir – I’ve been using one a few weeks now myself. Maybe it could be used in a future RSI Network newsletter? Who you writing the review for?

Answer 6:  Me too – I’ve had one for about eight weeks. The principle of the  design seems sound enough but the biggest problem I find is being  able to rest all of my forearm on the desk / chair arm. I remember someone saying they had screwed a plank of wood to the  desk but this is only a short term ‘fix’ and might not be ‘approved  of’ in a workplace.  Is there some other solution to forearm resting?

Answer 7:  Sorry this is a rather long message – you have been warned!! I must admit to being a bit of a ‘lurker’ on this list, as my postings are few and far between. I’d been thinking of posting something on these lines for a few days now, but Rob’s posting has boosted me into action – not that I’m lazy or anything…. 😉
I would suggest one other thing – it takes a while to get used to, but I promise it will pay big dividends in the future. I am a pianist, and when first learning to play, as a child, I had to be taught to hold my hands and arms correctly, so the fingers were able to work freely. Playing the piano and typing are remarkably similar actions. So how was this taught? Balance a small coin on the back of each hand. It stops you from dropping your wrists (or from raising them too high) and therefore reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, and can help cure it also. Yes your muscles will ache at first, from the unaccustomed work – but it really is better for you in the long run. It is also better than the various ‘wrist’ rest’ type things one can buy, as they do not teach you to use the right muscles, in fact, in my opinion they aggravate problems, because your wrists get used to ‘being lazy’ (and anyway, most of them are not high enough). Sorry folks – this is something I feel strongly about. 🙂 I hope this helps someone out there.
PS – completely off-topic: Please could I make a request? When using the ‘reply’ function to send a message, *please* delete any or all of the previous message that is not relevant. I’m getting a wee bit fed up of long cascades of already read messages. Thanks 🙂 J.

Answer 8:  The important thing is that you get your arm rest up a bit higher than the desk, and the level of the keyboard, and that your upper arm is vertical or near enough.

Answer 9:  I tried this, but you need your arm rest a bit higher than your keyboard. Guess it works if one desk is two inch higher than the one with the keyboard. The “milking stool” is also a good solution. It sits on one desk, and the keyboard on the other.


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