NSA – Miracle cure??? – update as promised

Question: Before I start, I was just wondering if anyone could let me know about shops in London or Manchester that stock alternative keyboards, that can be tried out in the showroom. The more details you have of exact address, phone number and range of keyboards, the more helpful it would be for me, since I want to try some out and buy some in England. I promised you a few months ago that I would report to you about NSA, the Chiropractic Network method. What I called then the “New Miracle cure??”
I have been doing it for about three months now, and I can definitely say that I believe in its power to heal the body of tension, aches and pains of all sorts. It basically works by training your body to go into a “wave motion”, and thus you find that your body automatically sends these waves to the parts of the body that need it, and reduce the pain tremendously. Since starting treatment I have not been achy or tense and my back has felt pretty good, and I can feel the body healing itself. Having said all that I still have rsi. It’s much more manageable, but that could also be due to doing physiotherapeutic exercise, occasional massage and sitting differently based on what I learned in the Lindman book. I continue to do Network and hope it will also cure the rsi eventually. If it does I will tell you! If you are interested in network, you should read about it and go to the following site to find out where there is a Network chiropractor near you.

Answer:  Any chance of a bit more info? I looked on the main website you suggested and found it very clinical and not easy to understand. Is it hands on, like Physio/Massage, or more about re-training your body like Alexander Technique? Where do you go for it?


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