NSA – new miracle cure???

I live in Israel. I have had RSI for three years and after buying ergonomic keyboard and mouse, doing Alexander, acupuncture, deep massage therapy, chiropractic and physio, still have RSI! (luckily didn’t let any ordinary doctors anywhere near.) Anyway I was coming to the end of my chiropractic sessions, (which didn’t seem to be doing all that much for me) but now my chiropractor has just come back from a conference raving about a new treatment. It’s called NSA – Network Spinal Analysis- and was developed by a chiropractor called Donald Epstein and had people lining up outside his offices in enormous queues. Instead of the usual chiropractic clicks and clunks it’s based on pressing the body at certain points and creating *ways for the body to heal itself by the brain’s commands*. Anyway my chiropractor is convinced this will absolutely heal me and indeed the two articles I am enclosing from the web sound very interesting. He says it’s phenomenal to see the people undergoing the wave motion through their muscles, and feeling amazing afterwards.
I don’t think my chiropractor is off the wall – seems like a sane bloke. I’m still waiting to see what effect it has on me and will update you if it does work. But since extensive studies appear to have been carried out I thought I would share this material with you now in case it can help you. I am sending this material in my next email so people who aren’t interested can delete it immediately (the second article is a little technical)

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