NT and Y2K Compliant Equipment

Question: Can anyone help me? My company is in the middle of doing an NT roll out on all our PCs but they have ground to a complete halt on mine (for the last two months or so) because they say they cannot confirm whether the equipment I use is NT and Y2K compliant or not. So, on the basis that if you want a job doing, do it yourself, can anyone confirm the following:
Cirque Smartcat Touchpad
Maltron Keyboard
IBM ViaVoice Exec 98
They say they have tried to contact the companies concerned but are not getting any replies. I’m getting quite desperate as the information that I have to deal with is now NT based and so it means that I can’t use my machine – I have to use my engineers machines and they of course don’t have these facilities attached – and therefore I’m now getting very concerned that my problems will return post haste – and yes I am the one who has had to take over another department as well! All info will be *very* gratefully received.

Answer 1:  I wonder if the Disability Employment Advisor at your local Job Centre might not be able to help with this. It’s bang out of order for them to make you use the wrong equipment on top of everything else.  It sounds to me as if what they’re asking you to do might contravene the Disability Discrimination Act. The DEA could probably tell you whether or not that’s the case, and if it is the case, the DEA might be able to approach your employers to explain the legal position to them.

Answer 2:  Hey, that got them moving! Thank you Ellen and Steven and everyone else for your replies to my situation. Sorry I haven’t replied earlier but I managed to take a few days off to relax the old pins for a bit. They’re still not brilliant but at least they’re workable.Ellen, I copied your email to the ‘chap at the top’ and now things seem to be moving in the right direction at last! It’s a shame we sometimes have to go to these lengths to get anything done but there you go!
However, they’re even going to buy me a new set of all the equipment so that I don’t have to keep carting everything around from one building to another. On this note I recall a great deal of discussion on the best type of microphone to use but do not have these emails anymore. I am in quite a noisy situation – in both buildings – and the one that came with VV98 is not very good. Can any of you remember which was the best to buy or perhaps make any suggestions?

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