Numbness in the Face and Foot

Question:  Some of the symptoms I experience haven’t been mentioned in that list and I wonder if someone else has experienced them – in addition to pains in the neck and arms, one side of my face(it alternates between left and right side) can get pretty numb and also the respective leg, all the way to my foot. The pain and numbness shift according to the hand with which I use my mouse the same day. I’ve seen so many traditional and alternative medical practitioners, however, none of them could explain it or even heard of it. Am I the only one???? And again, I would like to ask if someone is aware of a software that emulates the mouse pointer movement through the keyboard (I’ll be grateful to this person for the rest of my life 🙂

Answer 1:  Hello – I haven’t experienced numbness in the face, but I have had tingling around my chin/lips on the left side

Answer 2:  I know when my RSI is making a comeback, my Big Toe hurts… crazy but true…

Answer 3:  Have you seen a neurologist?

Answer 4:  Three of them. They found nothing wrong with me, neurologically speaking…


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