Question: I noticed Dr B has mentioned Nutrition for healing. Has anybody experimented along those lines? I have taken supplements of Glucosamine sulphate, but haven’t had tangible results as such. I know that Arthritis sufferers experience relief with dietary changes.

Answer 1:  Well I take: mega dose of vit B6 (recommended in the “computer users survival guide” and cod liver oil (GP’s suggestion), multivits and minerals for veggies (OK so I rattle!)………..I don’t know if it has any effect

Answer 2:  I treat the myofascial component of RSI. I encourage my patients to supplement their diets with a good multiple vitamin, high in B complex vits, vit C 1000mg twice each day, lysine/proline, co-enzyme -q. I also teach to limit animal fat, processed food, caffeine, almost no soda. You will find many of these suggestions in the Travell/\Simons text about Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction


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