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Question: Well my husband after his 4 days of “normal work” went to see the occupational health officer who has signed him off for 2 weeks. Apparently he can massage, wash up etc but must not do any page turning, small movements etc. She’s going to recommend a physio/Chiro asap. Is this going to keep his hands mobile enough to stop them being damaged by under-use? We’re only a month or so into this and I’m exhausted! I feel so disempowered by the health service procedures and lack of affordable healthcare! PPP quoted 169 pm, to take him on. Oh well, winge over sorry. Any thoughts? This seems to be the way of getting the best info.

Answer: Definitely no massaging by him! In fact the other way round – he needs massaging. Massages are rather prone to developing CTS. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) Get to see the physio/Chiro asap. Really! I can’t really say – not enough details on his condition and you really need to consult a health care professional on this. Contact the RSI association, phone number in the RSI-UK web page; contact your nearest RSI support group. PPP underwriter: Let’s see…RSI treatment…visit physio once a week… at 23 ukp per go, thats 92 ukp per month, add our profit margin of 80%, that’s approx 170 ukp… You are better off self-insuring!

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