Can anyone offer me any advise as to whether there is anything else I can do?

Question: I injured my right wrist at work last week clutching a mouse all day long inserting tables into documents! It was pretty painful to use causing me a lot of problems driving and using the computer so I went to see my doctor. He said it was a tendon strain caused by repetitive use and told me to take ibuprofen and rest it if I felt I needed to.

I took Thursday and Friday off work as I didn’t think I could manage the drive in let alone a full day using the PC and hoped that I would be OK today. The wrist is still very painful and has swollen up again and I’ve had to move my mouse to my left and type one handed. I’m a little unsure whether to go back to my doctor or not as he seemed almost dismissive of it when I saw him on Thursday but the problem is I am in a lot of pain and finding it very difficult to work today.

Can anyone offer me any advise as to whether there is anything else I can do to ease it or should I just be patient and leave it to get better? I really would appreciate any advise.

Answer: Over and over again one hears from people on this list and other sources that when people try and switch from right-hand to left-hand for mouse use because of pain in one hand, the trouble will flare up again in the other hand very soon. I’m no medical professional just another person with RSI, but my advice for what it’s worth is to go back to your GP and DEMAND to be sent to a specialist – for some reason it usually seems to be a rheumatologist. With NHS it may take a while so the sooner you ask the better.

In the meantime, perhaps you might find it useful to download something called Mouse Tool – it clicks the mouse whenever you stop it on screen doesn’t keep on clicking and you can park the mouse at the side of the screen or turn it off when not wanted. This at least will reduce the clicking you have to do.

Also, because my employers at first made me type till I got a diagnosis of RSI and a few months beyond that too and I had access to a fridge at work, I found a home-made bag filled with ice-cubes held on my lap so I could keep cooling my hands/wrists on it, till it started to melt, then replaced with another one whilst the first re-froze, really did help with the pain and particularly the swelling. Short-term remedy, I know, but better than nothing.

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