One experience with a doctor of mine

I’m angry at general practitioners in New Zealand. I had been seeing psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, nurse and family worker for 24 months all for free!!! Free professional help. But when I needed to get a signature from my “doctor” I was charged 30$nz (15$US). Also feels the doctor wants to get me out of the room. But true, a doctor can give me good help. So far I’ve been to chemists – they’ve given me what feels like good advice for vitamins, and to my surprise many of them have RSI themselves! But what better people to talk to than people who’ve been through it themselves. One doctor phoned me to come in again and tried to prescribe me a drug I didn’t need and get the visiting fee (10$) from me too… too bad for him I wasn’t an idiot.
Reception: (phone) “Doctor wants you to come in, pay 10$”
Me:  I go in, pay 10$, wait 30 mins
Doc: “Welcome back, your (problem) has cleared up, I’ll prescribe you a drug”
Me: “Do I need it?”
Doc: “No”
Me: “Can I get my $10 back?”
Doc: “Yes”
Me (to me):  “and then can I slam you?”
Point: I need not go to a doctor, you are one of my doctors, and your intention is good, you are sincere and genuine, well done.Thanks to you I’ve written “headphone ‘phone” on my shopping list, if there’s a brand name. I’ll get that one. Oh my gosh! That’s the coolest thing! Was all that done with speaking? I’ve yet to try voice recognition software. I’m looking forward to keyboards being replaced by or accompanied with voice, mind your throat might get RSI hahaha. Then I’ll be a mute cripple hahahahahha, and then I’ll wait for thought recognition software.

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