ooh er..pain

Question: OK so I think I’ve done too much….decided to do a bit of sewing…bad move…I went upstairs to put little ines bed straight shook his duvet and…Ouch felt physically sick my arms ached liked nothing on earth. I ache across my shoulders, my neck, my upper back, my arms…God I feel like an old woman (38 isn’t is it??)….so just when I think ok I can return to work. I have it chucked in my face that this is REAL and not going to go away easily….so the agenda is …………………….REST. GOODNIGHT ALL, BEST WISHES, AND GOOD HEALTH

Answer 1: I just had to reply to this. Such a slice of life in a single paragraph. It is real. It has changed our lives. A bit of sewing and we have “done too much”. What a state to be in! How ridiculous! how very silly! How very real! Hope you feel better today.

Answer 2: Thanks…the truth??.. No I don’t feel much better but it doesn’t stop the sun shining or the squirrels dropping by or the dashy workmen next door!!!IT JUST STOPS ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO DO..GARDENING, DIY, SEWING….oh well oh um keep smiling.

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