Opinions wanted re. Cirque touchpads and natural point device

Question: I recently trod on the cheap touchpad I bought recently which I’d kind of grown to like and am looking to replace it with one of the Cirque range. Anybody have one of these? I vaguely remember them being available in the UK – does anybody have the distributor’s website address? I’m also interested in the natural point device – would appreciate some comments from anybody using one of these devices. They look good in theory but how are they on the neck etc.? Also how long do they take to ship from the US?

Answer 1: We got our Cirque Smartcat from Touchstone. They are available from the Keyboard Company www.keyboardco.com. The product is very nice and worth the money, but I personally find it worse to use – my wife is the RSI sufferer. In particular this model incorporates scroll and back and forward so is well suited to surfing – but is not well suited to intense spreadsheet work – or graphics. If you liked the cheap model I would say you will be very happy with a Cirque. With regard to Natural Devices I’m not quite sure what you mean, but what about the Anir Joystick Mouse – also available at the Keyboard Company etal. It’s just like a normal mouse base – with ball – with a vertical (tilted) stick onto which the buttons are located. It’s only right handed and in two sizes. I have not used it myself but would like to. My wife has the smaller model which is just a bit small for me – although my hands are not as big as some men. You just need to get used to the button location. The idea is that the hand rests in a natural upright position.

Answer 2: Thanks for the websites. I tend to rotate the devices I use, mostly a trackball and touchpad and very occasionally the mouse but it’s the latter which has given me most problems. The other device I was going on about was the NaturalPoint. There’s more details about it at http://www.naturalpoint.com/  I’ve heard about the Anir mouse, some people says it’s great others aren’t so sure. Like all devices you really need to try them out for yourself. I was going to buy one until I heard that there was some kind of design fault with it which made it prone to breaking.

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