Orthopaedic surgeon (sort of!!)

I’m reporting back on my trip to the orthopedic surgeon-sort of. I eventually got called 3 hours after my appointment time, and saw the surgeons registrar, who yanked my wrists about a bit, then said he wanted blood tests. Unfortunately, the reportĀ from the ones I’d had at the GPs which were fine, hadn’t been forwarded. So I had some more blood taken, waited for another hour and then got told by the registrar to come back in 3 weeks when they had the results of my blood test. I didn’t get to even meet the main guy. Hmm. Can’t really venture an opinion on orthopedic surgeons from that, can I (although if you want to talk about waiting times…..!) Hopefully I’ll be able to report a bit more successfully next time! Hope all are keeping well.

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