Orthopaedic Surgeon

This last week I went to see a consultant orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hands (and feet – small bones/joints and their attendant problems). He was *very* nice to me, open, friendly, took everything I told him seriously, asked questions that seemed to me to be sensible, took a history… etc. He then prodded and poked and stretched a bit, applied pressure, and percussive taps. And sent me off for a whole range of blood tests, some x-rays, and is referring me to another facility to have EMGs done. He’ll see me again when all the tests are done and the results back to him.

He thinks the RSI-effects I’ve been having are superimposed on some underlying other problems. His guess is (confirmation awaiting results) that I have arthritis (especially in my thumbs), including cervical spondylosis (causing nerve problems), and some carpal tunnel problem. They x-rayed my wrists/thumbs/hands, and my neck. They took blood to test everything, by the look of it. I’m depressed at the news that I’m probably mostly just ‘wearing out’. I’m only 50… but encouraged that I shall end up with an accurate description of what’s going on and some sensible detailed advice. And most encouraging was having a collection of minute detail of symptoms taken seriously. The next step is to wait for my appointment for the EMGs to be done, and then back to see the consultant.

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