Orthopaedist, neurologist

Question: I am interested in finding either an orthopaedist or a neurologist with experience in treating RSI. Thank you.

Answer 1: I have seen a brilliant RSI specialist who is a rheumatologist …… Interested?

Answer 2: Yes, please, I would really like to know too.

Answer 3: Is this Dr R Pearson at St Barts that you mailed about before. He is quite difficult to contact, are you sure he doesn’t mind people ringing on spec, I felt a bit unsure of this?

Answer 4: He’s called Richard Pearson and works out of Barts in London, but its hard getting an initial RSI referral to him there, I had my first appointment with him privately at Harley St on 0171 935 0444. He is very knowledgeable about RSI and has helped me immeasurable. 18 months ago I was almost totally crippled, and now am well on the road to recovery, due to his knowledge and further referral to a specialist pain management programme. My recovery has been fairly miraculous, though hard work. Get back in touch if you want to know more.

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