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Question: Being as it’s National Depression Week – I thought a few might appreciate a ‘humorous’ poem.
Battles Lost
You’re fighting battles won long ago.
The Professional said to me.
We’ve changed it all, just for you.
As you will surely see.

You’ll understand all we’ve done for you,
And all the work for us,
We worked out what we needed,
So you couldn’t make a fuss.

We decided what we wanted,
For all your special needs,
And trained up all our people,
Just to cope with your misdeeds.

We even got the money,
So we’d get extra pay,
For all that extra training,
That we gave yesterday.

I don’t know why you’re angry,
There’s no need to be like that,
You really must control yourself,
I’m not a silly pratt!
– Anonymous Member
If there is one RSI person who has not met ‘The Professional’ I’ll join a Monastery.

Answer 1: Talking about your earlier posting re attitudes to disability – did anyone see the TV programme last night about Helen Smith, who lost all four limbs due to meningitis at I think only twenty years’ old. Her NHS doctor refused to refer her to the specialist private centre which makes almost-lifelike limbs instead of the NHS-type metal hook for her hands and something resembling a badly-modeled plastic doll’s foot for her legs, so hard and unyielding it caused bleeding blisters on her stumps, because if she had them, everyone else would want one. Oh yes, there must be hundreds and hundreds of young girls out there who’ve lost their arms and legs, the NHS would be absolutely swamped! Instead of being overcome with admiration at her fighting spirit which made me a bit ashamed of my whinging when my hands are painful – at least I still have them to use – he thought she wanted too much too soon. He also complained they did not have a good doctor-patient relationship. I wonder why?

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