OT Light Relief/Re: Cooking and RSI

Question: Had bunny rabbits once, eighteen or forty … they dug tunnel network all under the back garden. One day, a neighbour’s kid was talking to the rabbits, when his feet suddenly disappeared. It reminded me of the ghost story of ancient Romans walking around English streets up to their ankles.

Answer 1: Not light relief. Sorry to do this to you people right now, I forgot about it till today: This week is National Depression (Awareness?) Week.

Answer 2: Does that mean we have to be depressed all week? Volunteers all take one step back …

Answer 3: I thought maybe longer…  I bought two books on depression today! More helpfully, I bought some law books, from the Consumer Association series. They look OK to me. I suggest anyone who has an appointment with a solicitor reads them first – they’re a general one and an employment one – that’s what they’re supposed to be for and they have useful stuff on time limits etc. When I’ve stopped hiccupping (I bet this is the wages of mentioning Depression Week!) I’ll post the titles.

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