Pacing… the Computer Method

Question: I have been looking for a program to help me pace myself for a while now, but up until now they have all been too inflexible, setting breaks at fixed times (you can leave your computer, come back and it is time for a break… not practical!). Is there a software that can address my needs?

Answer: I have almost recovered from RSI and then I had relapses. The reason: the pressure of consultancy work. As the deadlines approach it is very easy to sit at the keyboard and type to get the work finished. This is the “press-on-regardless” approach. However, my fingers and shoulders start reminding me that it probably wasn’t a good idea to work a 3 hour stretch… I’m sure you all know the rest.

At the beginning of this month I found a piece of software called ‘WORKPACE’. It aims to combat RSI by making me take “micropauses” (small rests of about 10 seconds every 3 minutes) and then longer rests. It is very configurable, it can also be setup to force breaks or just recommend them. It can also warn you if you are typing too fast! I am currently using a 30-day evaluation of this and my arms are much better.
Incidentally, this is not advertising as I have no link with this company at all. The software is available at the following web site: This software won’t suit every one, it is a bit like having big brother stand behind me, but anything’s worth a try….

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