Question: Does anyone know of the main contact address for the Placement Assessment and Counselling Team (PACT)? I believe they may have changed their name recently.

Answer 1: I have just been to see the Disability Employment Advisor at the Jobcentre. They are part of the PACT team, so the chap I saw before obviously was not that concerned with me. After I have filled out the appropriate forms they will send me for an occupational test. Basically I have been informed that they will set me various tasks in order to determine the best form of work for me. I hope it helps. They were quite intrigued that my current employers were not helping me but I do not care anymore I just want to feel useful again.

Answer 2: In answer to your question, it is now called the Access to Work Scheme. You need to contact your local Jobcentre and ask to speak to a Disability Advisor. I did this and they gave me a business centre number – 01204-516-495. I only found this out myself on Monday and apparently someone comes to visit you in your workplace to see if they can aid you in any way.

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