Maltron keyboard use

Your problems I’m glad to know are not yet severe but not unlike those of Carolyn Tryon of USA who also had to give up her piano playing. In her letter to us she reported that although it took some … Continue reading

Maltron or Microsoft keyboard

As someone said earlier, what is best for one set of circumstances doesn’t always work in others. Just to add, then, that I found the Maltron keyboard very useful and was advised when I switched to the Microsoft keyboard that it … Continue reading

Conditions to use Maltron

Question: Could someone tell me if the Maltron keyboard needs any specific drivers or whether it will work through a standard AT/PS2 connection. I need to know as I use both an Amiga and a PC via a keyboard, monitor and … Continue reading

Hiring a Maltron keyboard

I’ve not tried Dvorak. However I have a Maltron keyboard and, although I still use the QWERTY layout it does have its own layout built in. I may be wrong here but I believe that you can hire their keyboards … Continue reading

Does anyone use a Maltron keyboard?

Question: Does anyone on the list use a Maltron keyboard? I spoke to an advisor at Abilitynet, about my ergo v. compact keyboard dilemma and he advised me that ideally I should go for a Maltron ergonomic keyboard. I know these are … Continue reading

Maltron keyboard

I’m a newcomer to this list, but I have been suffering from bad hand and arm pain for around 6 months. I ordered a Maltron keyboard last week (for hire initially). Has anyone any experience of using one of these? I … Continue reading

Mail filtering

Many e-mail packages now have mail filtering which can be set up to move incoming mail to other places. As I now belong to four different discussion lists, as well as ordinary ‘real’ work (!) I have now got this down to a … Continue reading

Magnets and all that

I have been wearing magnets for a while now and have found that if I for any reason forget to put my magnet bracelet on, I certainly am much stiffer as a result! I don’t think this is in any way … Continue reading

Magnets for tennis elbow

Question: I am in the process of trying everything to get rid of my tennis elbow. It developed after I left my job for a three month break before looking for another. I spent so much time on the internet. … Continue reading