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Question: Does anyone have any bright ideas. I have recently been for a course of Physio where they put my neck in traction. It did actually work but during the Christmas break (with no physio) the pain worsened & they have now said that my only option is to attend a pain clinic. WHAT ON EARTH WILL THEY DO TO ME THERE???

Answer 1: As your physio thought the problem was spinal (neck area), before you go anywhere else PLEASE DO see a chiropractor!!!! Preferably, one from the Sayers clinic chain, as they use chiropractic treatment coupled with an holistic approach.
I have suffered with back problems, through bad posture whilst working at my desk – problems which started 11 years ago. I have seen 4 different physios, before I decided to try chiro.
I now have the best quality of life I have had for a LONG time. It does mean I have to do exercises and stretches to supplement the treatment I have had, and I have MOT visits too, but I truly wish I’d known about chiropractic treatment when my problems started all that time ago.

Answer 2: I just thought I would say how good I have found a chiropractor. I have had neck / shoulder / arm problems, also due to bad posture sitting at a desk and using a computer. I have found a huge improvement through treatment and also by altering the height of my computer, getting a new chair etc. I was very lucky to get a recommendation of a chiropractor from a friend and was able to see her straight away.

Answer 3: I’ve just had an appointment with the pain clinic in my hospital which is run by an anaesthetist. I had an anaesthetic injection in a sore area and also was prescribed an anti-convulsant drug starting with G (can’t remember the name now). They observed that the colour of my right arm was different to the colour of my left and that the right hand was more puffed up. I never saw that before!!! Now of course I can see it.

Answer 4: I’m going through a bad pain patch since the past 2 weeks leaving me feeling very fatigued and feeling nausea with the pain (I would say 7 or 8 on a 1-10 scale). I have looked in the RSI FAQ listing and pain clinics are not talked about much. A physio specialised in RSI told me sometime last year that this would be a good try for me. However there is a year’s waiting list at St. Bathelomew’s hospital, and privately, it cost between £3 and £4,000 for 3 weeks’ therapy. I thought that among all sufferers on this list for quite a long time, someone may have come across attending this therapy on NHS or privately, and I would have like to know what are your thoughts on it?
I have read during the past few weeks various treatments some have tried and am familiar with those conventional treatments but nothing seems to work or at least for more than a few days. I don’t know who to ask as you have to attend the therapy and go through it – no one has been able to explain to me exactly what happens during the therapy.

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