Pain in Calf and Yeast

Question: Can yeast infections be the cause of pain in the calf?

Answer: The elimination of yeast infections is greatly helped by the elimination of sugar & flour from the diet. I really eliminated them because of overweight causing too much strain on my leg muscles. I have to do a lot of stair climbing & that can cause the pain of RSI to start. But I guess it is good to kill 2 birds with one stone.
As far as yeast versus antibiotics, one must eat unsweetened yogurt daily while taking antibiotics to restore the bacteria in the gut that is killed off by the drugs. A little yogurt several times a day is the best. Barley is essential for a healthy intestine too. It is a lubricant. Buy unsweetened yogurt, because sugar in yogurt will kill off the good bacteria in the yogurt. But people still think sweetened yogurt is going to help them. I read it won’t. The bacteria is dead. I read that in a report, but don’t know how accurate it is.
I have controlled the pain of the RSI successfully for the last few years by drinking the 2 1/2 liters of whole milk daily. It appears my RSI was brought on by a dietary insufficiency. I did not have RSI until I had been on a fat free diet for 2 years. The USA government made an announcement that fat free diets cause permanent nerve damage. They did not mention RSI or any solutions to the problem.
IF I overdo the exercise & activity way too much on one day, the next day the RSI numbness & pain begins to start & I do not feel well either. Then I must have complete rest for at least a day and a half. I am very borderline in controlling it. I cannot ever get a job where I would be typing all day. But I can manage 4 hours straight with occasional rest. I can do housework & yard work for about 3 or 4 hours. So I have to alternate activities daily to remain pain free & be sure to eat my pumpkin seeds & milk daily. Those 2 additions to my diet were the key to my success in controlling the pain.
My wrist hurts today, because I peeled too many apples 2 days ago. The RSI lurks below the surface constantly, but I am essentially pain free and appear normal to others.

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