Pain in Fingers?

Question: Does anyone on here have pain in their fingers as well as wrists, elbows and shoulders?

Answer 1: I feel like there’s not many out there with the pain in the fingers but mine is on the top of my hand and the first joints of my fingers.

Answer 2: I do! After 2.5 years, I am now left with constant pain in my hands – sometimes it feels like my finger tips have been nipped with tweezers (weird?!). My fingers & thumbs also swell – especially after using my hands. Nice to know you’re not alone!

Answer 3: I get pain in my fingers and wrists mainly, together with duller pain in the tendons on my upper forearm. That’s because my RSI is tendon-related (tendonitis/tenosynovitis – the GP is a bit vague on the subject) rather than nerve-related, I think.

Answer 4: Yes my main problem is in my fingers, although I do get trouble with my thumbs (at the root), wrist and occasionally elbows.


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  1. I have got sore finger tips since earlier this year (2012). I’m a programmer, using the keyboard all the time, making my work painful. After a while I switched to a thinner keyboard (white of a certain non-windows brand) which require a much less pressure. It still hurts some when writing, but it’s somewhat better than before.
    My hands are often very cold (though non smoker), which might indicate poor circulation for some unknown reason?
    About three months after the finger tips problem arose, I also got big problems with my back, shoulders and neck (very tense muscles), and tinglings in my right (mouse) arm. Now I get up from the desk every 20 minutes (using a strech reminder on my computer) to do a short exercise, which seems to help.
    Not sure whether any or which of this is RSI related. Just wanted share, and if there is any information on sore fingertips, I’d like to know. My doctor or her colleagues had never heard of it.

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