Pain in Thumb

Question: What can be done with tenosynovitis?

Answer: I have De Q’s tenosynovitis so I have thumb pain too. A lot of people have been through medical care experiences that are not only unpleasant — and unhelpful — people can lose their jobs (and their health) because of them. It *helps* that people have discussion groups to talk about it, and it helps to pool our knowledge of other people’s lack of knowledge. One can look at the List posts that talk about experiences with doctors, lawyers, Unions. I don’t think RSI-UK is likely to vanish because it’s overspecialized. If people want general support there are general support groups. I agree that the exchange of views and help is important. We can do that outside this List as well as on it.
I may have begun by querying posts on nutrition. I was struck by the topic about the introduction *yet again* of the notion of predisposing (genetic?) factors to RSI, and/or the notion that it is caused by stress and that certain people are susceptible to stress. Every time someone suggests a predisposing cause for an illness or for a particular kind of behaviour the papers I read carry letters about the danger of letting thinking like that, *even if it is true*, affect, adversely, the lives of the people who have that predisposing cause. And indeed, the danger is there.
If my RSI has a cause other than typing, no doctor has said so. Tests have been carried out, blood tests, X-rays, to exclude other causes of my pain; the specialist felt he should do that and he was right. He didn’t expect to find anything, and he did not. I visited the web page  and read the material there. The page has useful links. I wouldn’t want to rely on it for candida — which is indeed looking into, for whose presence there is indeed a simple blood test, whose syndrome (if it exists, and I think there is evidence that it does) can easily be checked in its early stages without using antibiotics (eat live yoghurt; sorry, I forgot that when I wrote before). I would want to look for additional material on this.

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