Pain Relief and S.A.D.

Question: Does anyone know if S.A.D. sufferers are more or less likely to get R.S.I. problems? Or does it just feel like that because you have two negatives happening together? My wife’s GP is prescribing N.S.A.I. drugs (brufen family). This seems to give little if no relief. She is using heat (baths etc + topical heat creams), but badly needs some effective pain relief. Finally can someone who has been there either as sufferer or sufferers’ partner, give advice about the fear that this disease causes i.e. it was in one arm, now two what if? AND What if I cannot get back to work?

Answer: I have been trying ice in cold water for 5 minutes then doing nothing with them for half an hour. I also take Ibuprofen and Dhydrocodeine for the pain. A cream called Rhustox has also helped with mild but lingering pain. Also, 1 cod liver oil capsule per day & vit B5. Hope this helps. Believe me I’ve tried everything.

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