Pain Relief: More Cortisone?

Question: I’ve RSI for 5 years (more painful for 3 years) and now I cannot work. I’m about to go for test at my local pain relief unit in view of having more injections in my right arm. Has anyone tried this? Has it made a difference?

Answer 1: When you say ‘injections’ are you referring to Cortisone Injections? If so we have been having a discussion about them lately. How do you suffer from RSI? This might sound daft, but people experience different levels of pain in different places (most of mine is in my neck/shoulders for example).

Answer 2: I was originally diagnosed with Tenosynovitis 3 years ago in the tendon under the thumb in my right wrist. Not long after that I developed chronic pain in my right shoulder/neck. I’ve had 2 cortisone injections in March 98 in the diagnosed tendon which did a whole of good mixed with rest. My pain runs from my fingertips to my neck at different times. For instance, with typing this email I’m experiencing slight pain in the fingers of my right hand and more pain in the diagnosed tendon. Doing anything repetitive starts my pain. My pain is a mixture of nerve pain and muscle pain (tightening sensation). Also, my arm goes from no pain to going totally numb in 3 days of continuous use. As for the pain relief clinic, I think they’re going to test me to see what type of drug to inject into me. Hopefully, whatever they inject me with helps.

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