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Question: Those are the things life seems to be about at the moment. I am currently receiving treatment for what my Doc calls a WRULD,having suffered from typing injury for a while. Relieved but worried, as work have really screwed me over with an abundance of bureaucracy, lack of sympathy and general disbelief, from managers and colleagues alike.
Need a new job and some new colleagues too. I have been put on CO-DYDRAMOL  and AMITRYPTYLINE, any experience of these things out there? They send me a bit loopy and a bit sleepy! I also now have splints, which are really odd, remind me of skateboard pads! Anyone else had those tests with those results, care to share experiences?

Answer 1: Yes, I had the same results from an Isotope Bone My rheumatologist insists that it is rheumatoid arthritis – despite my blood test being negative!!! The last appointment I had in September he injected me with a steroid and that was supposed to prove to him that it is RA. but having had no relief from my symptoms. in fact my hands swelled more than normal after it, I will be interested to hear what he has to say in April . The wonders of NHS.I have not been given any of the drugs you are taking but I was given Quinine to relieve my RA symptoms – I didn’t take them for long – I know tat it isn’t RA! I am drug free unless things get too much but I try to carry on as normal. I also had a splint but too much dependence on these can lead to muscle wastage so try not to use them except when you feel you need support. I wish you luck with finding a new job – along with more sympathetic colleagues. I am so lucky in that respect, but I do work for a large Government organization; which helps.

Answer 2: I think a lot of us have had experience with amitryptilline to varying degrees of success. It is actually an anti-depressant but in lower doses that it’s therapeutic uses for that. Current thinking is that it works as some sort of pain reliever for certain neuropathy (nerve related) types of pain. I didn’t do much for my shoulder/back and neck  pain and problems. It often affects sleep patterns and may make you drowsy – for others it can actually wake you up – can have lots of weird effects. It takes a while to have any effects that it’s going to have, so bear with it for a while Co-dydromol is paracetamol and a moderately strong opiate- this can also make you drowsy, dissociated, spaced out, etc.. It’s a bog standard pain killer for more serious pain than your standard aspirin/paracetamols – didn’t do anything at all for my pain. Wouldn’t recommend drinking (or driving…)

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