Painkillers, physio

Question: Is it ok to take painkillers? Are physios helpful in relieving me of pain?

Answer: Just a note on the painkiller front from my own experience: in summary, unless you need them I’d suggest you don’t take them – they let you do stuff you ideally shouldn’t. If you actually have reached the chronic pain point and don’t feel that you’re going to recover anytime soon, maybe it’s justified, I don’t know. I suffer relatively mild pain and have only had significant symptoms of RSI for about 7 months. My GP put me on Feldene Melt (?piroxicam?), a claimed side-effect-free anti-inflammatory, and ended up in hospital with adverse reaction. My stomach has never fully recovered and I’m not sure that it ever will. Since then I’ve tried something much less violent, magnetic bracelets (e.g. Bioflow): they’ve been quite successful at eliminating my (hands- only) pain, but now that I’ve taken them off I’m faced with the most basic consequence of painkillers: that they let you do things that your body is telling you are “bad” – because they are (at least for me) “bad”. The result: more pain than before I started using them. So I’m putting them away and hoping I can use the exercises my NHS physio taught me so that I can get the pain under control.
On the subject of physio, another point: they do have an emergency list, and while the normal waiting list is (at least in my case) on the order of months, if your RSI threatens your livelihood then you are justified in getting put on the emergency list, which could get you a cancellation appointment in days. When I reacted with great distress to the idea of not getting treatment for months, that’s what happened for me and the physio seemed to think it was justified. Mine knew about RSI and taught me useful things.

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