Papers on Vibration Sense

Question: Are there are any materials about how vibration sense helps in RSI

Answer: As a result of the talk given by Dr Bruce Lynn at the RSIA AGM (see RSI-UK web site for more details of this), I have been trawling the internet looking for other papers on vibration sense research and came up with the following:
A High Resolution Vibrometry System for Detecting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
LaCourse, John R.; Miles, Robert K. (Jr.). Univ. of New Hampshire
Vibration sense in the upper limb in patients with repetitive strain injury and a group of at-risk office workers. Dr Bruce Lynn and Jane Greenings. Int. Arch. Occup. Envron. Health 1/98 vol 71 p. 29-34. Springer-Verlag
Sensitivity and Specificity of vibrometry for detection of carpal tunnel syndrome. Gerr F, Letz R, Harris-Abbot D, Hopkins L. JOEM 1995; 37:1108-1115.
A comparison of traditional electrodiagnostic studies electroneurometry and vibrometry in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. AUTHOR: Cherniack MG; Moalli D; Viscolli C. AUTHOR AFFILIATION: Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT 06511, USA. SOURCE: J Hand Surg [Am] 1996 Jan;21(1):122-31

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