Question: Does anyone know a good reference book about Pascarelli?

Answer: I am interested in general views on Pascarelli’s book “Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User’s Guide”. I recently ordered a copy after being shown it by a visitor to The Computability Centre. I have read through it and to me it sounded most sensible. Here are a few more details about the book:
by Emil Pascarelli and Deborah Quilter
ISBN 0-471595330
Published by John Wiley and Sons
It is written from experience in treating people and is immensely readable. The only drawback is that medical advice is based on the American health service. Chapters include: Assessing your risk for RSI, Getting an accurate diagnosis, Classifications of repetitive strain injury, The RSI examination (what a good doctor should do!), Treatment options, Your emotions, Back to work, Setting up your workstation, Typing technique retraining for computer athletes. Pascarelli makes much use of video to convince his patients of their own naughty typing habits and suggests some exercises aimed at developing better technique. Cost $15.95.

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