Question: Why trouble your self trying to install pc software on the mac? It’s not worth it. It doesn’t work and you only get more stressed, which is very bad for your RSI. If the problem is big enough the money isn’t important anymore and you can buy a PC using Windows98. For less then $1000 you buy the fastest PC there is (you don’t need a monitor). You talk to your PC and work on the Mac, What more do you want…?? Just a monitor switch and a PC keyboard are the extras on your desk. I work this way (using Mac Os 8.1 and NT4.0). So I can decide which computer to work with. The fact is that some software runs better on Mac and some (not so many) runs better on PC. And there is software ‘PC MAclan’ or ‘DAVE‘ to connect the systems. You can easily exchange data this way.

Answer: I agree it’s very cheap for what it buys. The trouble is that money can be a big problem if you’ve lost your job on account of the RSI and are trying to get back into employment.

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