Pen Grip Report

Question: Thanks to all for the generous suggestions regarding my search for a pen grip. Due to a Raynaud’s condition, my fingertips dent easily under pressure and a soft barrel is required. I’ve just received a three-in-a-pack each of soft (32) and firm (33) grips (postage for both packs 31.50), from Active Sitting, 0181-961-4515, The hard grips are triangular edged and two inches in length. The soft ones are slightly over half that length, soft alright but not very thick. If you use a pen with a cap, the cap will of course not fit on when the grip is down near the point end, for it (the grip) will be in the way. They’re best for biros and pencils. I’ve also sourced something similar at the Early Learning Centre (25), Kensington High Street, London, 0171-581-5764) but they come in packs of three with pencils, which is a bit, um, pointless. Ladies’ foam hair rollers have also been suggested and I will enquire at Boots or Woolies for them too. If suitable, they might prove most economical. I have not seen pen grips either at Boots or WH Smith. If they are in the Boots catalogue for disability products I must have missed the fact. Dr. Grip yet again is endorsed on this website and, although I thought I had tried it, perhaps I was confused and unsuccessfully tried something else?

Answer: I got mine from the local Disability Living Centre (number obtainable from your local hospital usually). I don’t like them too much really. I think I will try those rollers!

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