Pen grips and time off

Question: Is it worth trying out a new way of gripping a pen so as to lessen pain during usage?

Answer: I now feel more natural with the pen held between my index and middle finger. It took a few months to make the change fully, but it definitely reduces the strain of writing. It was suggested by my Alexander Technique teacher. I also use the bright triangular pen holders people have been describing. They have one advantage at work – if I leave one of my pens on someone else’s desk as I wander about the place, it is always returned. After using the grips for 11 months now, I still have the original three! They are also a simple non-embarrassing way of reminding colleagues that I need to take care of my hands. I haven’t been asked to take minutes once! My writing has changed completely since developing RSI, not at all for the better, (but surprisingly my signature is still the same). I also would encourage people to take time off to rest BEFORE the point of no return. Like many others I carried on for too long because there was no-one else who could do the work. The way back is much harder if the initial damage caused has gone too far.

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