Pen Grips

Question: I have been scouring Cardiff for pen grips without any success. Does anybody here know of any suppliers?

Answer 1: I got mine from the occupational therapy department at our local hospital for 60p each, have you tried your department?

Answer 2: I have just made an appointment today to see them, the particular hospital is not far from me.

Answer 3: I have had some success using a product called ‘Milliput’. It is an epoxy putty type stuff that comes in two parts that you mix together, to form a substance like plasticine. You can mold this round a pen, squidge your fingers into it a bit to get nice friendly ‘My-Fingers’ type feeling. It sets hard in about a half hour… and stays put.

Answer 4: I found a brochure for *around the house* type aids in my chemist. It had loads of useful things to minimise strain on wrists and arms – including pen grips. I’ve not got it anymore – but ask your chemist.

Answer 5: In a book I’ve been reading by Deborah Quilter, she refers to an alternative way of gripping a pen (between the index and middle finger, supported by the thumb). I’ve been finding using a pen for more than short periods a little uncomfortable in terms of exacerbating symptoms in my wrists and fingers and have been experimenting with this alternative grip. It certainly seems to reduce some of the strain from the ordinary grip though it does feel a little odd and does my handwriting no aesthetic favours. Has anyone else tried using a pen this way? Does it help? Is it worth persevering with?

Answer 6: I have tried writing like that but it either hurt my hands after a while or my writing was illegible. There are special pens you can get (but I don’t think they are that good) but you can also just get a grip thing that fits on all pens, I think they cost about £3 for 3 so they are quite good, if you are interested I can scan in a pic of them and email you the pic and the details of where to get them. Be warned you will have to be patient as I only have a vague idea of where the catalogue is but I will find it for you, if you so wish.

Answer 7: A friend bought me a ‘fat’ pen and pencil from the office furniture supply company, Staples. I haven’t kept the packaging, but the pen and pencil are made by Sanford and have PhD(tm) on both. They are black with a rubber grip. I think they were about 33 each. Maybe they will help you.

Answer 8: I used to write this way all the time despite my primary teacher’s best efforts. Didn’t do me any harm – although my writing is also pretty – erm – crap… I think it allows the fingers to be more relaxed, although I changed my grip when I learned calligraphy. (Didn’t improve my handwriting either.) Go for it!

Answer 9: Further to previous correspondence on this subject, I’ve just taken delivery of a pack of three pen holders which I found for sale on the web at . Westons Internet’s postal address is PO Box 1646, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9GS, tel 01273 846504. The grips are made by Smith & Nephew of Farnham, GU9 9NQ and fit onto any standard biro or pencil (but not my fountain pen). They’re made of PVC and are in bright primary colours, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂 They cost £4.29 including VAT and P&P from the Westons site.

Answer 10: Yep they are what I was talking about! But I got mine from a company called Chestercare. Be warned though with repeated use (taking on and off of pens) they will get slightly larger until you have to get fatter pens to use them with or alternatively just find a medium size pen that you don’t need to keep taking them off of! Let me know what you think of them when you get them please.

Answer 11: They only arrived today (as did my new office chair, hooray) so it’s early days, but they seem to work very well and they certainly brighten up my desk!

Answer 12: If these are the brightly coloured slightly rubbery-feel, sort-of-triangular cross-section (so hard to describe) . . . then they can also be ordered from any good chemist, and the Early Learning Centre shops sell them.

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