Looking for people who are interested in receiving shiatsu treatment.

Question: I am a shiatsu student, nearing the end of my three year course and, having treated a couple of people with RSI and having encountered slight symptoms myself from my(now) part-time computer work, I have chosen to do my thesis on RSI.

I am therefore looking for three to five people who are interested in receiving shiatsu treatments for their RSI/RSI-related conditions between now and mid-September (and after that if desired).

The location would be Crouch End, North London (preferably) or Shepherds Bush and the price would be £12 or £15 per hour respectively, to cover the cost of clinic space and traveling.

Answer: I’m about to try Shiatsu, but unfortunately I live in Norwich. This sounds like a very useful offer. The going rate in Norwich is 29 pounds per session.  I hope the participants will report back to the list in due course.

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