Does anyone have personal experience of using a TENS unit for RSI pain relief

Question: Does anyone have personal experience of using a TENS unit for RSI pain  relief.  Particular questions would be, (a) beneficial ?? and (b) most effective  sitting of electrode pads ???

Answer 1: I used a TENS machine in the early days of my RSI and I occasionally use it nowadays when the pain gets too much to bear.  I use mine in the evenings and especially in bed before going to sleep although quite often I actually end up dozing off so my husband is now “TENS Monitor”.  Although my problems are in my shoulders/neck and elbows I usually get the pain in my wrists and hands/fingers so I tend to put the pads on either side of my wrist. It certainly seemed to help me relax and I never have a problem sleeping after using it.

I also found that I was sleeping badly on one particular wrist when it was giving me jip. I would end up waking in the morning with my hand bent back on itself – not a lot of help there. So I invested in one of those splint things and wear it when that arm is bad.  If you decide to invest in a TENS machine its probably worth talking to your physio/doctor. They can give you a form (I think you may have to have had this problem for three months or more I can’t remember) which will give you a discount on the cost of purchasing one.

Answer 2: I was given a TENS machine through the Pain Clinic at the Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon. It’s been a great help. I have to wear it for at least 3 hours per day and so have worn it at work. Only problem is that because it helps relieve the pain, I feel I can type/use the mouse more than I actually can and so after removing the machine find the aching worse than usual. I don’t like to keep it on for too long. I too have had a number of shocks from it … another story!  An article in the Daily Mail, with an RSI sufferer testing machines, recommended the Boots one at 49.95 as the best and most unobtrusive.

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