Personal Injury

Question: Can anyone refer me to any written material about legal matters concerning personal injury?

Answer 1: Incidentally, for those who haven’t seen it, there is an excellent article, “RSI – Litigating in the UK”, which can be found at . Hmmm… I see I need to change the contact details there…

Answer 2: I need to change it also as it needs updating. Most importantly because of the Personal Injury Pre-Action Protocol. Claimants can get so much more information/documentation from employers under the PAP before they issue their proceedings, This makes preliminary investigation and assessment so much easier and gives greater powers to injured employees. I am doing that for some clients on No Win No Fee. It helps better assess the prospects of success but also if used correctly will have the impact of helping employers to better understand their obligations. I’ll post a more complete paper to the list shortly. To understand what are PAPs you can go to . This is about a new PAP for disputes connected with the Millennium Bug (I am chairing a Working party drawing up a Y2K Pre Action Protocol for incorporation within the Civil Procedure Rules) If you click on ‘Introduction’ you get a page explaining PAPs generally. You can also see the Personal Injury one at the Lord Chancellors site at

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