Pesky Mice

Question: I have tried numerous mice, but the contour did not work for me. I got terrible pains. The only one that works for me is the Anir mouse. When I need to do some precision work I use a normal MS mouse, otherwise I use the Anir. It looks like a joy-stick. Does anyone know the site for the Y-mouse??? Or the e-mail address?

Answer : Just seen an advert for ‘Contour Mouse’ a new mouse designed by an RSI sufferer. It’s available in five sizes, left and right handed, and is programmable. It’s available for Mac, PC and other platforms. It looks a sensible design in the picture I’ve got. That’s all I know, but I thought you guys might be interested. It’s available in the UK from KKI Logic on 0181 997 7002. I’ve asked for details. They’ll have a stand at Apple Expo in November.

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