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Question: There was a discussion some time ago about problems with petrol pumps, and someone posted with info about a very clever, simple, cheap little plastic gizmo that holds the trigger in place without any of the dangers of the scarf. I bought one and use it all the time – but I’m afraid I didn’t keep details. Can anyone post the info again?

Answer 1: I looked it up. It was called the Easifuel, price 1.99. Telephone number 0171-582 1117. If that number no longer applies, I think it had a mention also in the RSIA newsletter, so they may be able to supply contact details .

Answer 2: I always use the same garage and as long as I go when they are not busy they will come and fill the car for me. The best time is when the shifts are just about to change and there are at least 2 attendants there. The “full service” garage I used to use (miles from anywhere out in the country) has now closed down (boo-hoo). If you do use a regular garage – telephone and ask – people are (mostly) very helpful – if not go elsewhere! If you use a supermarket petrol filling station phone in advance and they will arrange for someone to fill your car for you. Asda and Sainsbury are very good for this – but don’t go right at the busy time. I’ve found that shops will do almost anything for your custom if you are polite and reasonable with your requests.


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  1. Not sure what the Easifuel device looks like or works like, but… I overcame this same problem by using a pop rivet, though a small nail or stiff piece of wire will do (piece of coat hanger?)
    So all you essentially need is a pin/nail/wire of about 2.5mm diameter x about 30-40mm in length.

    At the back end of the petrol nozzle hand-guard (the majority are made by Elaflex) near the hose connection, you’ll notice I think 3 small holes. On the continent these holes have pins permanently fitted which the fuel delivery trigger latch will lock into, meaning you don’t need to hold the nozzle.
    Cockeyed UK regulations mean the pins are not allowed to be fitted in Britain.
    So…. use your homemade pin/nail thingy to replace the one we’re not allowed. The 3 holes provided are for 3 pins for 3 different fuel flow rates.

    Make sure you are easily able to pull the pin out after use -- leave a graspable tab/loop etc.

    As for stopping the fuel flow, the fuel nozzle has a pressure sensor which automatically cuts off the fuel flow. It is at this point you should remove your pin BEFORE you then remove the fuel nozzle from the filler neck, or you risk nudging the trigger and restarting fuel flow down your trousers/over the forecourt.

    Is this legal? probably not, just don’t get caught.

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