Question: any suggestions on how to improve posture while sitting/standing? Has anyone else been told their posture might be linked to their RSI symptoms?

Answer 1: Some of the exercises I’m doing include pushing my chin out as far as it’ll go, then pulling it back into a double chin. I have been told to tuck my tummy in!! Have you tried sticking a post-it note on your computer reminding you to sit up straight – simple but it acts as a constant reminder.

Answer 2: The chiropractor who has treated me says she thinks poor posture aggravates RSI. Although I have RSI, the fact that my posture used to be terrible, means that various muscles can’t work properly. The combination of advice from her and better posture has brought an improvement but no complete cure…. I don’t think there is a complete cure for RSI; you just have to manage the problem and change your work practice if possible.

Answer 3: The first physio I saw gave me corrective exercises: Lie on your front with a cushion under your chest and forehead on a rolled up towel (so you can still breathe). Set your shoulders by lifting them to your ears, rotating them back and pushing them down away from your ears. Now raise your hands/arms off the bed. Hold this position for 10 seconds each arm x10 times each twice a day. Do it in 2 positions: arms down by sides and arms level with head. You should be lifting the front of your shoulders about 1 inch off the pillow. It isn’t easy, taken me almost 12 months for it to feel natural, but it has completely changed my appearance. I have also been doing Pilates and that has greatly assisted also. At work, I now have the correct chair, which helps greatly when sitting down for 8 hours a day. Keep your bum as far back as possible in the chair and sit upright, as close as your chair will allow to the desk. My physio advised that there are 2 sets of posture muscles in the shoulders, one for stability and one for flexibility.  The NHS physio actually taped my back into the correct position for 3 days so that my other muscles could relax. I’ve also recently found out that using the wrong muscles in the shoulders puts strain on the muscles at the front of the neck. I’ve had weeks of physio on these (scalene) muscles to release them and my v. tight flexibility muscles in my shoulders are now also releasing.

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