Does anyone know of a practitioner who knows about RSI

Question: I have lots of questions, any comments appreciated …Does anyone know about the possible benefits of wrist stretching exercises, e.g. bending the wrist back, which stretches the muscles in the forearm, and various other stretching and twisting movements involving the wrists?

Ever since these were shown to me be a Rolfer I saw in Germany I have strong urges to do them when my arms hurt, but it has been suggested to me that they might be doing more harm than good, and may even be causing the pain. How hard should they be done? I can’t tell whether they are helping but I “want” to do them. Ditto for another piece of advice he gave me, which was to “constantly massage and your own hands and forearms”.

I have been diagnosed as having AMT by a physio, which as far as I understand it means that shoulder & neck tension / bad posture causes neural tension all along the arm, which in turn causes muscular spasm/fatigue, lack of circulation and build up of toxins in the forearm and hand muscles. (BTW, my fingers often go cold when I type.)

On this basis, would it be a good idea to leave my wrists alone, and address the shoulders/back? The AMT stretching exercises I do relieve neural tension but not muscular tension in the neck/shoulder, which¬† is according to my physio is the more primary cause. This is another area that I feel needs to stretch and be massaged but can’t reach myself. But the physiotherapist just tells me to keep doing the neural stretches.

What about steroid/cortisone injections? Has anyone had these in the shoulder to treat wrist pain, or should it only be in the wrists, (or both), and were you diagnosed as having AMT? And, of course, did they work?

Another idea is getting some deep massage or trigger point therapy in my shoulders and back.

Does anyone know of a practitioner who knows about RSI and can do remedial massage / trigger point therapy in London?

Answer 1: Forearm stretching exercises are very helpful, in our experience, but the exercise must stretch the affected muscle or it does nothing for you. If you have a problem in your forearm from keying it is most likely to be in the wrist extending muscles, but the exercise you describe stretches the wrist and finger flexing muscles. The opposite stretch (bending the wrist down) is ineffective in stretching the extensor muscles, as the bones of the wrist limit movement and prevent an effective stretch.  The only way we found to stretch the wrist extending muscles is by rotating the wrist.

Answer 2: I received an injection into my shoulder about 4 months ago and sadly
have noticed no major improvement at all. Part of the injury is
associated with damage received whilst on a control and restraint course
(I’m a Psychiatric Nurse) and that factor may influence the result or
lack of it. Have you spoken to your GP about the possible benefits of
such a treatment?

I have read a lot about the Dragon voice to text programmes. Howwever I
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