I am a professional translator with a slight case of RSI in my right hand

Question: I am a professional translator with a slight case of RSI in my right hand/wrist from decades of typing and in particular from using a mouse. For the past year or so I have been doing all my translation work with IBM’s Voice Type dictation software. It is not 100% accurate but it is good enough for my purposes and of course it greatly reduces the mouse problem. It has the added psychological advantage for a translator of freeing up the part of one’s brain that would otherwise be involved with typing.

You can get information about this product from IBM’s webpage: http://www.ibm.com/ Judging by reviews in the computer press, more recent voice recognition software looks to be more effective (you don’t need to leave gaps between the words, for example) but requires a very powerful computer.

Answer 1: Get yourself a Canon word processor mouse. Not a PC mouse. These can be ordered as an accessory and work perfectly well with a PC. This is the softest mouse I have ever found at any price and only cost about 15 pounds. Model ECM-S3101. You will notice the difference. Another good one is made by Fujitsu but costs about 60 pounds. You can pay up to 200 pounds for an ergonomically designed mouse that is not as good as these.

Answer 2: Have you tried switching the mouse to your left hand?! For this to work well you really need a left handed mouse. Maltron provide a very comfortable one which helped me a lot.

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